Australia's Largest range of Antigravity Batteries

The Antigravity Batteries OEM Case Models are made using our extremely high power and lightweight lithium cells inside an OEM (stock) sized case. They offer the same lightweight and high power benefits of our Small Case batteries but are in a more convenient drop in fit for your particular vehicle model… Same size and shape as your stock motorcycle battery but with powerful lithium-ion inside. These models come in the most often used sizes for modern Motocycles and Powersports vehicles. Additionally they come in different POWER LEVELS within the same size Case. The standard power level already has much better Cranking Power than the lead/acid motorcycle battery it replaces, but we also have that same size battery in another much high power level for those with highly modified or very difficult to start motors. 

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  • Micro-Start Sport in stock and on special now!

    Anitgravity Micro-Start Sport

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