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Thermal Technology Thermal Technology company was founded in 2001, when it started the utilization of the carbon as a resistive element. After performing numerous tests and scientifically studies, Thermal Technology decides to test the carbon as a heating element. Later it started to produce for test the so called “heating cover for tire” for the motorcycle racing. In the end of the year 2003, the specialists from Thermal Technology company careful studied the results and the quality of the work done with the heating tires, and decided to make a production line with heating covers for motorcycle racing tires, and the heating covers for industrial use.
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  • Track Days Green in stock and on special now!

    TT Track Day Series Tyre Warmers

  • TT Evo Zone Warmers in stock and on special now!

    TT Evo Dual Zone Tyre Warmers

  • TE_EVO_DZS_XXL_N in stock and on special now!

    TT Evo Tri Zone

  • Thermal Technology Rim Heater in stock and on special now!

    TT Rim Heater

    Regular Price: $549.00

    Special Price: $499.00

  • Wind.stopper front and rear Moto 3 Wind-stopper front and rear MotoGP-SBK-Moto2 in stock and on special now!

    TT Sun And Wind Protection

    Regular Price: $449.00

    Special Price: $399.00

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