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Still the world's leading drug-free pain relief and muscle conditioning medical device Since launching in Australia, PainPod™ has continued to grow as one of the world’s most recognised names in portable physical therapy medical devices. The public’s response to each new PainPod™ product on the market has remained incredibly strong since appearing on A Current Affair and Today Tonight in 2010. PainPod™ physical therapy medical devices are some of the world’s most trusted and best selling portable medical devices, with over 12 Million units sold worldwide.

PainPod™ Advanced Medical Devices PainPod™ products are scientifically manufactured using durable materials and developed to incorporate the latest findings in physiotherapy, acupuncture and medical science. PainPod™ medical devices have a number of therapy modes, frequencies and intensity settings to provide relief from a number of different conditions including surgery recovery, trauma, musculoskeletal problems, bursitis and dental problems.

PainPod™ medical devices are also used in physical therapy and during labour for pain relief and recovery. For more information on the possible uses for PainPod™, view PainPod™ News for referenced articles or contact us. PainPod™ Medical Device Key Benefits Pain Relief Recovery Performance PainPod™ Australia's Commitment To You Committed to the treatment of pain and the improvement of health, PainPod™ engineers have dedicated years of research and testing to create a comprehensive range of PainPod™ medical devices and accessories. Each therapy mode and intensity setting is created to provide fast-acting, drug-free pain relief, injury and surgery recovery, and improved exercise performance to people from all over the globe. The friendly team at PainPod™ are passionate about providing pain relief and improved quality of life to pain sufferers, worldwide.

Our personnel and research team are dedicated to remaining abreast the latest findings in electrotherapy medical research for potential PainPod™ uses to improve health, muscle condition, rehabilitation treatment and sporting assistance. PainPod™ is included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as ARTG # 176131. Chronic pain can be depressing, debilitating and take control over everything from going to work to spending time with the kids. We encourage you to try the PainPod™ today.

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